Sunday 24 October 2021


Adopt’ (NordNext)

A propos

Adopt’ is a perfume and cosmetic production and distribution brand, created in 1986 by Dominique Monlun. Since its creation, the company has positioned itself as a challenger of large brands, building a network of more than 120 stores, including more than 80 branches in France, and franchises in France, Belgium, French overseas departments and territories, Mauritius Island and Madagascar, as well as major distribution partnerships internationally (more than 550 sales points).

Adopt’ is an original and unique concept, developed around three fashion universes for young women: makeup, perfume and accessories.

The company itself designs most of the products that it sells, and focuses on (i) high quality, (ii) sourcing mostly “made in France & Italy,” (iii) competitive prices, (iv) a young feminine customer base with a high level of use of the Internet and social networks.

Sensitive to the protection of the environment, for several years Adopt’ has enabled recycling of its packaging and is an active contributor to recycling.