Sunday 24 October 2021



A propos

Created in 2001, LINXEA has been one of the pioneers of online savings for 17 years. Today, it is the leading player capitalistically independant in the market of banks and insurance companies.

Their business is simple, they act as a broker and offer their clients savings, retirement, real estate and provident solutions. The activity is exclusively B to C and is carried out 100% through the website. LINXEA currently manages €1,300,000 million on behalf of 30,000 customers. Their strong growth is the logical consequence of the commitments they make to their customers on all the solutions offered to them. They can be summarized in three words: SAFETY, REDUCED FEES, SERVICE.

The operation with NextStageAM allows new managers to capitalize on their experience in the distribution of savings products to make Linxea the benchmark player in this market.

LinXea’s operational development and new strategic projects will be carried out by Antoine Delon, Yves Conan and Stéphane Carlucci, three renowned specialists in the savings industry and wealth management consulting.