Sunday 26 September 2021

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The mission of Nextstage

To invest patient capital in medium-size companies that are champions of the 3rd industrial revolution

Medium-size companies are the highest-performing players in terms of competitiveness and job creation due to their innovative agility and their capacity to project themselves on world markets. Among the 140,700 medium-size companies included in the four largest European economies – Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy – approximately 39,000 medium-size companies have a three-times greater growth rate and have the potential of becoming champions in their market (Source: GE Capital).

But these European medium-size companies lack equity capital. By investing without time limit (“evergreen” investment or “patient capital”), NextStage’s mission is to provide the enterpreneurs of the companies that it assists with the necessary equity capital resources over the long term. Being systematically present and active in the governance of the companies in which it invests [1], NextStage also assists them strategically and operationally, to help them become the future champions of their markets.

Investment is made almost exclusively in equity capital (shares or convertible bonds) and the use of leveraging is none or limited. The amount invested may be from €4 million [2] to €40 million.

NextStage first identifies and selects the talented entrepreneurs at the head of companies whose economic model is proven and profitable, and with broad potential for growth around one or more basic trends. The objective is to accelerate the growth of champion medium-size companies around one or more of these four basic transversal trends of the 3rd industrial revolution: the economy linked to the value of our emotions and the quality of customer experience, the industrial Internet, the on-demand and sharing economy, and positive growth (or green growth).

[1] Systematically for non-listed investments       [2] €4 million for unlisted only